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Stream from Thousands of Internet TV channels from all over the world using the ATV-586 from MyGica. It has a quad core processor and uses new H-265 Compression Technology to give you a smooth streaming experience using less Bandwidth than older streaming devices. It has an ATSC (Digital TV) Tuner built-in and records to a USB drive, making this one of the least expensive DVRs on the market. The ATV-586 also comes with Netflix and YouTube pre-loaded on the main interface.

Antennas Direct Clearstream 2
$550 installed

After more than 800 installations in over 5 years in Toronto and area we have come to the conclusion that one antenna works pretty much everywhere in the city and is small and compact. It also has a VHF element for better reception of VHF channels (ie CTV channel 9)

The Clearstream 2 has greater range (50+ mi) than the Channel Master 4221 (45 mi) or it's no-name clones (the antennas you buy at the Discount Electronics stores for $50 or less).

It is 1/4 the size of a 4-bay antenna and has a lifetime warranty.

Or use it's big brother

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4

$650 installed

The Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 has 15 miles more range than the C2, and will help to fight through storms and leaves a bit better for reception of Buffalo channels, or if you are more distant.
It is still only 20" x 28" (1/4 the size of a common 8-bay antenna with 5 miles more range) and also has a lifetime warranty.

You may also try the

Antennas Direct DB8e

$750 installed

If you live in an area where signals are coming at you from two discreet directions over 60 degrees apart (South-east Scarborough or Oakville are two examples - ask for details), use the DB8e. It has bi-directional aiming abilities. It is also a good antenna for north of the City - it has a range of 70+ miles - 10 miles more than an 8 bay antenna.

Also Available
Channel Master DVR+
$450 w/ WiFi Adaptor

Record, Pause, Playback, Time-Shift all of your favourite shows onto a USB Drive - never miss a show again. The Channel Master DVR+ comes with a WiFi adaptor ($400 without) so you can download the on-screen TV Guide. It also uses the same connection to allow you to use YouTube on your TV (my mom searches for episodes of "Murder She Wrote"). As of June 15, 2015 it now also offers an additional 30 channels of Internet TV - from music videos to cooking shows to Superstions like WGN from Chicago. Now you have all of the internet streaming you ever wanted - right on your TV. Your TV MUST have an HDMI input to use this Digital Video Recorder.

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