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The Antenna Guys can install an HD TV Antenna at your Home, Business, Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU), Condominium or Apartment Building. We have recently completed a NEW construction build for Podium Developments in Oshawa - HD TV antennas on 4 new student residence buildings. We installed antennas on each of the buildings and ran feeds to 15 apartments in each building (60 total).

Podium Developments were the first to figure out that providing an HD Antenna feed to tenants is a perfect value-added improvement that will make their property more attractive on the competitive apartment rental market. There are tens of thousands of Apartment buildings in the GTA that could use this technology Some may still have existing equipment on their buildings from the 1970's that might be re-used. The antennas probably still work - they just need new cabling.

Your Building can easily take advantage of an HD TV Antenna on your building.
Eliminate Costly Cable and Satellite Bills.
Receive 18+ channels in full 1080i and 5.1 Surround in the GTA - FREE!!
We will install an antenna on your roof and run new antenna feeds to your tenants with appropriate amplification. We will also provide seminars for your tenants to teach them how to use their FREE HD TV.

If your tenants no longer have a monthly cable bill to pay - doesn't that make rent easier to collect? And if you, as the owner of the building are paying for your tenants TV watching habits - drop the cable or satellite service IMMEDIATELY and start putting some profits back in your pocket.

If you run a small business that has a TV on the wall in your waiting room - why are you paying for cable or satellite? You can get the same channels in Glorious High Definition - FREE!!

Coffee Shops, Auto Repair Shops, Barbers, Corner Stores - all can use an antenna and eliminate expensive cable bills that return nothing to you.

We have also installed for three different Dental Offices - where they have small TVs over every chair to distract patients. They were paying through the nose for cable with all the extra outlets!! No monthly cost at all once the antenna was installed. Definately a no-brainer.
If you run a dental office with many TVs - please call us for references.

The point is contact us toll-free at 1-855-672-4388 if you wish to explore the option of providing an HD TV feed to your business or Apartment building.

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