Here are the steps you will need to take to experience FREE HD TV
1. Admit you have a problem

Cable and Satellite providers have been burning you for years - charging you $50 TO $150 per month - JUST TO WATCH TV!!! Even if you order their "HD" Service and pay them top dollar ($150 / mo) it will NEVER look as good as what is available over the air with an antenna - FREE! (no compression Over the Air)
They have brainwashed you into believing that the only way to watch TV is by paying them hundreds of dollars per year - DON'T BELIEVE IT! Did you realize that a $40 per month cable bill costs you $500 per year - just to watch TV?! ($1000/yr for HD)
With an antenna you can watch TV in breath-taking 1080i and hear the sound in 5.1 Surround - ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!
2. Decide on an antenna

Depending on your location you may need different types of antennas. If you only wish to watch local Canadian broadcasts - a less expensive and smaller antenna may be used. If you live north of Hwy 401 you will probably need a more robust antenna to pick up American Broadcasts from Buffalo, Erie, Cleveland or Detroit. See the map below or go to and input your postal code to determine which channels you can receive in your area. In some cases where signals are coming from two different directions you may need a two-antenna setup or a rotor to receive all channels.
3. Install Your Antenna

You can easily install your own antenna in a few hours. Or you can have one of our Installation Professionals do it for you. Mount your antenna on a wall, chimney, balcony, roof, attic or tower. To do it yourself all you need is a wall or chimney mount kit, a mast pole, some RG-6 cable and basic tools. Approximately $100 for all of the accessories you will need to install. If you wish us to install, our rate is $375 (3 hours) plus distance, height and extra TV Surcharges.  No matter which antenna you choose it will pay for itself in just a few months of no cable or satellite bills.
4. Enjoy FREE HD TV

Your TV must have an ATSC tuner built-in (check your owner's manual) or you will need a Digital to Analogue converter box to watch on your older TV. With a newer TV (< 10 yrs) you only have to tell it that you are on antenna and scan for available channels. Some of the broadcasts you may receive :
Canadian - CTV, OMNI 1 & 2, Global, CBC, CTV2, CITY, CTS, CHCH, TVO
American - ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, ION, PBS, MyTV, TCT, CW Plus sub-channels - additional programs available ONLY on antenna (Music Videos, Old TV Shows, Documentaries).

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